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The convenience of filling all of your medications once a month!

EZ FILL RX is a medication management program. Famcare Pharmacy will work with you and your prescriber to coordinate all of your maintenance medications to be filled on the same day of each month. Our pharmacists will organize all of your medications for you to take them at the most beneficial times. Our staff will contact you a week before your medication is due to make sure there were no changes you wanted to make us aware of. With your help we can eliminate the multiple monthly trips to the pharmacy for you to pick up your medications. The goal of our program is to help you take your medications when and how they are supposed to be taken. Other added benefits of the program are:​​


*Unit dose medication packaging is available free of charge to all patients on 6 or more medications per month.

*Any patient taking less than six prescriptions per month may still enroll in the program, however medications will be placed in traditional pill bottles. If a patient takes less than six prescriptions per month and wants his/her medication in unit dose packaging, a small fee may apply.

How Do I Get Started?



  • *Unit dose packaging is available to incorporate all of your morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime medications to be given at these specific times. We can package all of the medications together in blister packs so it is EZ for you to take the medications when they are supposed to be taken.
  • Provides a safe and EZ way for you to take your medications, ensuring they are taken at the correct times and dosages as prescribed by your health provider.
  • Free shipping / courier service directly to your home. If you prefer to pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy, just let us know.
  • All of your medications are filled at our pharmacy and are clinically reviewed by one of our pharmacists. Our pharmacists will review your medication profile to make sure there are no drug interactions or duplicate therapies.
  • We work with you and your prescriber to make sure all of your medications will have refills when they are due.
  • Our staff will know days in advance what maintenance medications you will need. This will eliminate partially filled medication, multiple trips to the pharmacy, and deliveries for owed medications. No more multiple trips or deliveries for owed medications.
  • We will work with you and you prescriber to make sure prior authorizations are processed in a timely manner to ensure you get your medication when it is needed.
  • If a medication is not covered and the prior authorization is denied by your insurance plan, we will work with you and your prescriber to find a comparable medication suitable for your medical condition that would be covered..

EZ Fill RX

Our Medication Packaging & Refill Program 

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